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Overcome anxiety to write a resume and interview like a Rockstar! Lets design your resume, optimize your skill set and choose what matters most to you. 
My mission is to help people become a Rockstar in your industry. I am starting with what I am deeply passionate about: launching your career.  I built an illustrious career over 20 years in Retail, Wholesale and Executive Recruiting.
I help clients build on their successful career by defining and achieving their career goal.  I coach them to ask the right questions, develop new skills and gain confidence to get what they want.  I am known for instilling a growth mindset, inspiring action and cultivating an open, honest and trusting space — with a warm personality and good sense of humor.

Resume with purpose and passion

Learn, listen, engage with a Rockstar Recruiter with hands on work experience.

Working with an expert

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Can help you access 80% of career opportunities not posted on job boards.

Working together, to create something unique.