Are you stuck in a rut? 
Maybe you are asking yoursel
- Life is reopening, am I ready for it?
- Human interaction is necessary, how do I begin to have conversations?
- Many opportunities to choose from, what should I choose?
- Is remote or an office the best choice for me?

I have been there as well. It has been over a year and many of us had time to reflect on our lives both business and personal. 
For me, I realized helping others helped me move forward during the pandemic. One of my strong skill sets has been helping clients identify personal career and life goals. I have been able to assist in planning strategic career moves after several conversations. 

I grew up on the streets of Queens, NY, moved to Fort Lee, NJ in 9th grade. It was a difficult transition. I suffered serious anxiety.  There were many dark days for me, and I was not confident in myself. It was not until I got to Syracuse University that I was able to grow academically and socially. Though still suffering from anxiety, I absolutely loved my retail/business program.  Through hard work, I earned a coveted spot in the prestigious Macy’s NY Executive training program. Finding a top-tier job in an industry I loved gave me confidence and that is what I set out to do for my clients! 

After Macy’s, I worked in the garment industry for a while but was not satisfied with my career trajectory. I wanted to do more but was at a loss for where to go next. 

I took on 4 new jobs in one year but still did not find the right fit. They all closed due to financial issues. I applied to newspaper ads for local jobs, but nothing was of interest to me. I also was pregnant and torn about leaving my twin babies for a job I would not be happy in.  I took the time to consider my skill set and passions.  
What could I do to earn a living?

When in doubt, mother knows best. My mom suggested I go into recruiting. I love talking to people and enjoyed helping people find their purpose, so it seemed like a great fit. I met with 2 recruiters and the rest is history.  I became the female CEO I always knew I could be.  I started my own retail search firm and was so successful that I decided not to limit myself to just one industry. I now work with clients from fashion to technology to hospitality and everything in between! The best part is that I still love every minute of what I get to do for a living!
It has been 25 plus years since I have been recruiting and career coaching.  I have had plenty of ups and downs, but through a career I love, I have learned how to be resilient and keep going no matter the curve.

I am a super proud mom of two awesome 26-year-old women. They make life worth living and I never wanted them to see me down and out. It has not been an easy ride, but I have learned to appreciate what I have been able to achieve. Giving my daughters love, confidence and experiences was most important to me. I am incredibly lucky to have family and friends that have been there for me in my darkest days.
I now want to help you succeed in your career with my years of experience. I am known for instilling a growth mindset, inspiring action with a warm personality and a good sense of humor.

Most of us do not realize that one thing can cause anxiety, depression, or just being unhappy when we turn to drugs, alcohol, or food and let it affect so many parts of our life. It is normal but learning to release the cause in one area can open a whole world of happiness for you. It will not happen overnight but can be put into action with a plan to start somewhere. Start with a journal and write down what is important to you and what you want to achieve. 

Here is my list of suggestions. 
Health and family
Appreciate what you have
Persistence pays off
Do not give up
Apply for jobs, take a chance, reach out to people
Network, connect
Sometimes take a step back to move many steps forward
Self-care and love
Remove toxic people
Find things that make you happy-cooking, walking, reading, etc.
Be honest
Never too old to be successful
Build experience, not closet full of material items
Remember we are all in this together
What makes you happ
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